As one of the most important wet areas in the House, the bathroom must be free from leaking and soaking. Choose quality materials will help make the bathroom more healthy.

Solution To Get The Best Result

  1. Coat the surface of walls and floors

    The first stage after the bathroom wall and the floor is formed is very important to do is coat the surface with a waterproof coating. MU-600 DryShield is a waterproof coating material 2 components based on mortar, filler, additive, specially designed with Crackbridge Technology containing Acrylic Copolymer active polymer emulsion with the ability to increase waterproofing flexibility resistance to the substrate removal process of substrate cracking underneath.

  2. Specify Ceramics Model

    Once ensured the floor and wall of the bathroom do not leak, next step is to determine the ceramic model. Select the color and pattern of ceramic tile you like. Use MU-420 Cerafix instant Mortar to avoid less powerful installation for Porous Tile work on wall and floor. Based mortar, selected sand, filler and additives are mixed homogeneously to make ceramics that you put a strong and durable.

  3. Creations Of Color Grout

    With the color and pattern of ceramics that have been selected certainly require the appropriate grout filler. MU-408 PowerBathroom for instant filler Mortar grout (Grout Tile) designed specifically with Smartshield Formula that maintains longer lasting color, makes the grout less cracking and able to inhibit mold growth.

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