3 Warning Signs Your Home Needs to be Renovated

3 Tanda Rumah Harus Segera Direnovasi

The house is a palace for its occupants. That is why, every home is generally made as comfortable as possible to live in. Even if our house is good, over time, will come time to be renovated to return its beauty and function properly.

This is what is often ignored by the occupants of the house. Some of the signs are not considered important, until the occupants must to pay more because of the severe damage to the house is getting worse. Then, what exactly is a signs of home renovation should be done immediately?

The bathroom is no longer comfortable

One of the rooms is quite important is the bathroom. If the bathroom is not functioning properly, then the daily activities will be disrupted. Signs that are clearly visible when the bathroom needs help is the found leaking on the ceiling, plumbing leaks and the cracked floor. It does seem insignificant at first, but if left unchecked it can cause serious problems, and that will definitely require expensive repair.

Found "map of the archipelago" on the wall

It's annoying to find water spots resembling an island on your wall. It comes from the seepage of water from a leaking pipeline, and usually occurs in bathrooms located on the upper floors. A month or two months, the loss is not yet seen. But, the possibility, seepage that leads to leaks that affect other rooms, such as kitchen, living room, or even the bedroom. If it happens, it's not just the require expensive renovation costs it needs, but also the funds to replace broken furniture because leakage.

Cracked wall

Beautiful house becomes one of the important criteria for occupancy, because in this place we spend a lot of time. So, not surprisingly if we are disappointed when knowing the wall crack. Moreover, if the age of the house is still relatively new. Keep in mind, the main cause of cracked walls are the forming elements of unmixed plastering material, such as sand still mixed with soil. At first, this cracked wall will only interfere with the appearance. But a few years later, this is a threat because the risk of collapse could happen anytime.