Benefits of Using Mortar Utama

Mortar Utama (MU)

With Mortar Utama instant mortar, in which it consists of selected sand, top quality mortars, fillers and additives mixed homogeneously with the right composition, homeowners no longer need to buy sand and mortar separately. In addition, sand sieving, sand and mortar combustion, and mixing of sand and mortar in the field also no longer need to be done.

Better Building Quality

High Quality Raw Material

Mortar Utama raw materials are clearly qualified because it has been tested in the laboratory. Mortar Utama only uses selected sand that is divided into several sizes for its intended use, best quality mortar, premium filler and the best additives from Europe.

The Right Composition

Mortar composite and sand cannot be made general for every application, there should be a suitable composition to match the technical character of the material and the condition of the place. Mortar from Mortar Utama is created with highly observe the composition suitable for each application. The composition is accurate and consistent because it uses a computerized machine.

Modern Production Technology

Mortar Utama uses modern German production and technology machines, which are operated with integrated computers to produce a range of instant quality mortar products. The world's best instant mortar processor is MU's mainstay in processing selected sand, mortar, filler and additives to produce instant homogeneous MU homemade mortar, and refers to international standards.

Rows of Qualified Project References

MU has a series of project references, both for low rise building (housing and industrial) and high rise building (apartment, office tower, and other buildings). This shows that MU products have won the trust of various developers and leading contractors in Indonesia, as well as prove that the quality of MU has been tested and proven.

Practical and Efficient

Time efficiency

The addition of an additive to the instant MU mortar formulation makes curing time in the MU product much shorter than the conventional way (mixing mortar and sand separately in the field).

In addition to the time efficiency caused by the unnecessary sand sifting process, the combustion and mixing of mortar and sand, the reduction of the duration of the work can also be obtained from the shorter intermission of time between processes.

Material Requirement and Controlled Budget

Planning material needs and budget spent when using MU is more certain because the power spread already measured. Building owners no longer have to think about the volume and amount of raw materials (sand and mortar) to be purchased, avoiding repeated purchases and reducing excess risk in purchasing materials, as well as avoiding handling difficult and troublesome leftovers.

High-Tech Application Machines

In addition to providing solutions in the form of a range of quality products and comprehensive technical assistance, MU also provides support technology and world-class machinery for the Indonesian building industry. MU presents STAS (Silo Application Technology System), as well as other application engines that can improve project productivity and time and cost efficiency.

Cleaner Project Environment

By using MU, the sand piles at the project site can be eliminated resulting in a cleaner, healthier, cleaner, cleaner, dustier and smoother project environment. Packaging MU in the form of pack or bulk (silo) also facilitates the storage and reduce storage needs of the land.