The Best Waterproofing Product for Pedestrian Traffic Area



It is undeniable that home is the most important place for all family members. No matter how busy we are outside, we always need a home to come back. The feeling of comfort is the reason why we miss our home when we’re outside. Therefore, do not ruin the comfort by not doing a proper residential care. One of which is the installation of waterproofing in the pedestrian traffic area.

Areas that fall into the category of pedestrian traffic in home are outside zone that is often passed by the residents, such as park, rooftop, play area, and socializing area. Seeing the importance of those areas, this time we will discuss the water retaining or waterproofing products that are good to prevent damage in the pedestrian traffic area.


               To provide a strong and elastic waterproof coating in the pedestrian traffic area¸ you must choose the right waterproofing system, then the product from Mortar Utama is the answer. Water-retaining products from MU vary greatly from semi-elastic cement, high-elastic cement, waterproofing systems for pedestrian traffic, to waterproofing systems for car traffic, all of which are internationally certified.

               Based on the traffic, pedestrian traffic is fall in the medium category. For its application, MU has its Polyurethane Waterproofing System solution, consisting of: Weber Prim EP 2K, Weber Dry PUR Seal, Weber Dry Fabric, and Weber Dry PUR Coat. This waterproofing system is Polyurethane based or commonly called PU which is a type of coating that produces very strong, hard, scratch-resistant, solvent-resistant, UV and heat-resistant coatings.

This is a primer for PU waterproofing systems based on epoxy resin emulsions. This primer is used to glue various types of substrates, both mineral substrates (concrete, renders, and screeds), bitumen membranes, and NF-Metal (zinc, copper, aluminium).

This is a PU-waterproofing coat that is ready to use. There are so many advantages of this layer, which is very flexible, high adhesion, resistant to UV rays, and resistant to plant roots.

This product is very compatible with Weber Dry PUR seals and is a PU-waterproofing reinforcement membrane.

This is the top layer for pedestrian traffic which also has UV and abrasion resistance.

Application Stages

Following is the order of application for the water retaining system in the pedestrian traffic area. Starting from the most basic surface such as concrete that is cleaned and then given mortar. Then, start coated, first by Weber Prim EP 2K, then weber dry PUR seal, weber dry PUR fleece, then re-coated weber dry PUR seal, and finally by weber dry PUR coat.



This PU waterproofing from Mortar Utama has advantages compared to membranes and acrylic waterproofing.

The advantages from membranes:

  • Easy to apply using only a roller.
  • There is no connection to the membrane which is a potential point of leakage.
  • The adhesion is very strong so it cannot be crossed by water.
  • No need to be protected from UV rays

The advantages from acrylic waterproofing:

  • Can be flooded by water because it is not easy to peel.
  • Resistant to freezing environments up to -40oc.
  • Resistant to UV rays and can be traversed by pedestrians and vehicles (PUR coat)
  • Resistant to chemicals such as oil, salt, and acid solutions.


Now you already know the best waterproofing products for the pedestrian area in your home, then now is time for you to apply MU products to prevent leakage in the pedestrian traffic area!