Before Build A House, Make Sure Bathroom Area Is Leaking Free

Mortar Utama (MU)

The bathroom is one of the vital tools in the house because it is always used by you and your family every day. Activity usage is high enough, making the bathroom being a part of the house that needs to be prepared during construction.

As an addition to paint waterproofing, there are other types of waterproofing that is able to keep the bathroom area does not leak anymore.

The bathroom is one of the vital tools in the house because it is always used by you and your family every day. Activity usage is high enough, making the bathroom being a part of the house that needs to be prepared during construction.

Leakage in the bathroom area either the floor or water reservoir can lead to seepage of water on walls and ceilings, especially occupancy that has two or more floors. If left alone it would be bad for the resilience of the house because the area becomes vulnerable damp, moldy, mildew until the occurrence of damage to the ceiling.

Fortunately there are waterproof coatings or waterproofing products that can be your lifesaver. Waterproof coating is very much variety can be dozens of types. In Indonesia, the general public (Apart from to the profession in the construction world) is very familiar with waterproof coating paint or Paint Waterproofing type. But from the aspect of designation, this type of waterproofing paint is an improvement.

In a given time period if exposed to weather or even water continuously make waterproofing becomes weak. 1 to 1.5 more years you might need to do a re-coat so that no areas are leaking.

While a good waterproof coating should have a very long life, as long as the building is used in this area of ​​the bathroom. However, you do not worry because there are other types of waterproofing that has a strong adhesiveness i.e Cement Based Waterproofing.

Mortar Utama Weber as a pioneer of instant cement has long been a waterproof coating product that categorized Cement Based Waterproofing ie MU-600 DryShield. General Product Manager of Mortar Utama Weber, Joni Kho explained that MU-600 DryShield is a waterproof coating material specially designed with Crackbridge Technology - an innovative formula that is easy to apply and strong and adhesive to concrete.

"MU-600 DryShield is highly adhesive, non-toxic and non-corrosive, so it is safe to apply to a variety of wet areas, such as bathrooms, concrete, balcony or submerged areas such as ground water tanks, basements,” Mr Joni said in Jakarta.

MU-600 DryShield waterproof coating, continued Mr Joni, is used right in the process of development due to its more preventive.

"Since the building was built, it has been coated with MU-600 DryShield, and if it is done properly there will be no need for waterproofing every year to solve the problem of leakage in the bathroom and wall area.

How to apply it is very easy not much different with waterproofing in general. The main requirement to use waterprofing is the medium should be quite flat, more you can click here.

The ability of MU-600 DryShield to coat the floor and wall in the bathroom area is no doubt. Based on the test results, MU-600 DryShield even able to coat the pond as deep as 15 meters with the duration of time throughout the age of the pool that reaches tens of years.

"If leaks need to be traced back from its origin. If there is a micro-size crack, MU-600 DryShield is still able to bridge and become a wall layer. If the crack is large there is possibility of structural failure," Mr Joni explained.

To know whether good or not a waterproof coating product is by just looking of the content in it. "MU-600 DryShield contains Acrylic Copolymer which strengthens waterproof resistance flexibility to substrate crack underneath due to repeated expansion process," he said.

MU-600 DryShield has 2 types of Packaging. First, in a 20 Kg pack consisting of 15 Kg of powder and 5 Kg of liquid. Able to cover an area of ​​10 - 12 Square Meters. While for small needs (renovation) there are packaging MU-600 DryShield 3 Kg (2 Kg powder and 1 Kg liquid) with an area of ​​1.5 to 2 square Meters.

"Both liquid and powder materials that stay stirred, then immediately brush in the desired place. For packing 3 Kg can cover the bathroom small size," he explained.

For the price of MU-600 DryShield size 20 Kg highest retail price is Rp 250 thousand, while the size of 3 Kg Rp is 110 thousand. The prices in the material store could be lower.

Mortar Utama Weber is a company that pioneered the term of instant cement or Mortar. Technically people know premix Mortar or dry Mortar. Mortar itself means mixture of cement and sand.

In developed countries Mortars premort products has various types and variants. Whereas in Indonesia, the public generally recognizes 10 types of instant cement and Mortar Utama Weber divides them into four product categories: (1) Ceramic adhesive solutions, (2) Wall Solutions, (3) Floor Solutions, (4) Waterproof coating solutions and improvements. MU-600 DryShield is in the fourth category.

Thanks to Innovation and consistency in the field of instant cement, Mortar Utama Weber won Top Brand 2016 for the fifth time for the instant cement category.

Want a leak-free house and bathroom area? You must already know the solution.