Ceramic Tile vs. Granite Tile: Which One is Your Choice?

Mortar Utama (MU)

Flooring is an important part that can determine the appearance of your house. Therefore, the selection of material to be used as a floor must be thoroughly considered. In general, ceramics and granite are often used as floor material. Both have strong characteristics, can last a long time, and have several other aspects that can make it difficult for you to choose.

Here are some factors that can be your consideration in choosing one of the two materials:


If you are that type of person who likes to play with style and color, ceramic tiles are the right choice for you. This is because ceramic tiles have a large selection of colors, motifs, shapes, styles, and finishing. In conclusion, ceramic tiles have a variety of endless variations.

Unlike ceramic tiles, granite tiles have limited variation. Granite tiles, which were made from natural stones, tend to have irregular patterns with a limited choice of colors and motifs. In addition, granite tiles only have two kinds of finishing.

Maintenance and Strength

In terms of maintenance, ceramic tiles are easier to care for because they are not easily scratched, and are not easily imprinted if exposed to stains, dirt, or liquid. In other hand, granite tiles are more porous, which can give you a hard time to remove any stains on them.

However, granite tiles are one step ahead of ceramic tiles in terms of strength. They are more resistant to impact and friction, which makes them one of the most durable flooring options.



Cost is one aspect that can help you consider material choices. In this case, ceramic tiles can be said to be superior to granite, because they have cheaper prices.

There is one thing you need to know. Granite tiles have better quality than ceramic tiles, that’s why they are more expensive.


Not only the cost of the material itself, the application/installation costs must also be considered, due to the significant difference in costs between ceramic and granite tiles installation. Granite installation needs a more comprehensive technique, and requires a special machine.

Those are some factors and characteristics that can be your consideration in choosing flooring material. If you still can’t decide between the two options, a combination of of ceramic and granite tiles can be your solution. For indoor flooring, you can apply the ceramic tiles. Meanwhile, the granite tiles can be used as in your hallway or outdoor area.

One thing you need to remember. Whatever your choice is, MU-Weber high quality products should be your first choice for ceramic adhesives and tile grout fillers. For tile installation, you can use MU-420 CeraFix products while for granite you can use MU-400 GranitFix. After the ceramic/granite is installed, do not forget to apply MU-408 Series for tile grout fillers in accordance with the area of ​​the house where you applied the ceramic/granite tiles.