Check These 5 Important Tips for Your Home Renovation

Mortar Utama (MU)

Do you have a dream home in mind? Renovation would be one way to reach it. However, doing home renovation has its own challenge. You need to consider a few things yourself, such as functionality, aesthetics, and effectivity before renovating, without relying on your architect or contractor. To help you kick start your renovation project.


Here are a few tips to try:

  1. Plan well

Your renovation process will be a lot smoother if you plan it well. By comparing materials and construction products, you will be able to avoid problems that could come up way after renovating, and save money and time quite a bit along the way.

  1. Know your land’s characteristics

When renovating, you should also know your land’s characteristics in order to make the new structure even stronger.

  1. Know your home’s structure

To get the best possible output from the renovation process, you need to understand the design, shape, and infrastructure of your old and new home. Understanding the structure of your home could allow you to design your dream home safely, with the added benefit of increased value.

  1. Plan your home’s water system

Water system is an important element to consider when doing renovation. If you want to construct a new bathroom, you will need to know your piping and water tank route. In order to avoid leakage, don’t forget to install waterproofing system in your home while renovating.

  1. Use quality materials

Choose quality, long-lasting building materials to build your home. Not only it will protect your new home, choosing right materials could also protect your family from accidents. MU-Weber offers a lot of quality products to choose from, such as MU-200 SkimWall, MU-600 DryShield, MU-408 Series, and MU-443 RoofDeck Floor.

That’s it! Those tips will help you during pre-renovation, and during renovation as well. Don’t forget to always consider your choices carefully.