Colorful Paints to Decorate the House

Mortar Utama (MU)

Modern house model with beautiful furnishings is still not complete if not supported by the convenient wall paint color selection. Therefore, don’t make mistake when choosing paint color, because in fact different functions of the room, different colors of paint, of course. Here's a guide for you.

Living room

To facilitate the mapping of color patterns in a house, interior experts suggest that you determine which room is dominant, for example, living room, family room, or kitchen. If it has been determined, the room that becomes the spotlight should be given a touch of bright colors, such as white, lime green, or sky blue. Bright colors proved to make the whole room look more vibrant and bright. Moreover, this room will be the main attraction when entering the house.


The house feels alive when there is a kitchen "ngebul" (smoky) in it. That phrase is not excessive, because the activity in this kitchen here’s that supports the occupant of the house. Therefore, just fine if the kitchen got a touch of bright colors. Various modern kitchen inspirations also use red wall paint to give the impression of bold or yellow which represents joy. But if you do not like bright colors, blue could be an alternative because it can make an impression of clean and tidy.


Most of all, the bedroom is the most private part. Moreover, a survey involving 2000 adults in the UK revealed that the color of the room also affects the quality of sleep and sexual relations with a partner. That’s the reason why choosing the right color paint for bedroom deserve the highest priority. According to Feng Shui, the best colors for the bedroom is "skin tone", which is pale white to brown, to give the impression of comfort and calm. Meanwhile, some interior experts often choose a pastel blue to give the impression of cool and relaxed. Which one is your choice?