A Comfortable Me Time Tips, At Your Home!

Mortar Utama (MU)

Entering the eighth month of this undergoing pandemic situation, not only your physical health that needs to be maintained, but your mental health also need to be pampered and get extra care often, so that we can be more relax and be hopeful to facing the end of 2020.


One of the ways that you can do to relieve the stress that you are feeling is by enjoying some time alone or ‘me-time’ either at the end of a long day or on the weekend after a long of hustle-bustle hectic week. One of the simplest ‘me-time’ that you can do at your home is soaked yourself in an aesthetic bathtub in your beloved bathroom. Simply just follow this simple recipe of comfortable ‘me-time’ a la MU-Weber.

1. Prepare a bathtub filled with warm water and flower petals so it smells good and aesthetically pleasing.

Soaking ourselves in warm waters turns out it is often used as a therapy that has various benefits. Starting from improving blood circulation, relieving muscle pains, relaxing muscles, relaxing the body, and improving sleep quality, also removing toxins. Complete it with the fragrance of your favorite soap and fragrant flower petals, it will guarantee your long and comfortable ‘me-time’.


2. Use soap or candle with aromatherapy

If warm water relaxes your body, complete it and pamper your sense of smell with aromatherapy which can come from soaps or candles. Guaranteed your 'me-time' will be more comfortable and your body will be more relaxed.


3. Prepare your favorite playlist/podcast

In order not to get bored while soaking in warm water, try to prepare your favorite playlist with a row of instrumental songs or songs with slow to mid-tempo melodies, so you can be more relaxed. Other than a favorite playlist, you can also listen to your favorite story or educational podcasts, so your ‘me-time’ will not feel lonely.


4. Beautiful, tiled walls and floors

In order to pamper your eyes while having a lingering 'me-time' in the bathtub, make sure your bathroom area is decorated with beautiful tiled walls and floors so it will make you feel more comfortable to linger in a long time in the bathroom.

Do not forget to protect your bathroom area that is prone to potential leaks or seepage, with MU-600 DryShield Pro waterproofing, and cover the gap between your bathroom bases with Weberseal Acrylic Bathroom. So, you do not have to worry anymore. Your ‘me-time’ is guaranteed to be more comfortable and you will be ready to say good-bye to stress.


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