Everything That You Need to Know Before Renovating Your Home!


No matter how grand the house is built, after a certain period, the homeowner will generally decide to renovate their house, be it on a small or large scale. Renovating home are generally carried out for various reasons, ranging from improving the condition of the damaged building, adding new rooms, to updating the condition of the building to increase the comfort of its residents. In addition, the home renovation process can also increase the value of a house, especially if there is an intention to sell it in the future.


However, before the renovation process is carried out, it will be helpful for us to think and plan the whole process carefully and thoughtfully. Pak MUMU and Mortar Utama will summarize some tips and tricks and everything that you must know before renovating your home.


Tip 1: Do the research

Before deciding when to start the renovation process, you must do your own research carefully. The research here is not just about the design you want. By looking at and comparing similar renovation projects, you can plan more carefully and can make it easier for YOU to set a budget and time duration.


Tip 2: Plan a Budget

The budget plan, which is usually stated in the “RAB”, usually details the estimated costs required for each work in the renovation process. The preparation of this RAB is certainly very important to avoid waste and maximize the renovation process with the budget you currently have.


It is also important for YOU to consider the materials and tools needed during the renovation process, even considering moving out temporarily during the renovation process because it will affect the renovation budget. Information related to “RAB”, you can also read more through this link


Tip 3: Determine the concept and design

If you have a sufficient budget, you should leave this to the experts such as architects or interior designers. But, if you have a limited budget, you can define it by your own and describe the concept you want through simple illustrations or sketches, as well as a collection of interior design reference photos through various sources. It's good for YOU to keep communicating and consulting this concept and design to the contractor of your choice who will renovate YOUR house. For inspiration of unique and interesting house concepts and designs, you can stop by Instagram mortarutama.weber!


Tip 4: Use the services of the right and expert contractor workers

After determining the concept and design, start looking for information about the right contractor and according to the renovation concept you want. By using the services of the right contractor, you will get professional and expert assistance to make the renovation process more effective and efficient.


To get you more comfortable and confident with the contractor of your choice, it is a good idea to ask for references and portfolios of previous projects or work from the contractor and make sure you discuss plans, concepts, and renovation ideas in detail with them. Ideally, they will tell you whether your budget is adequate, how long the project is expected to last, and whether your plan or concept requires changes and adjustments.


Tip 5: Prepare written documentation and agreements

After the RAB, concept and design have been completed, and you have found the right contractor, it is a good idea for you to continue to make written documents and agreements as a guide for the renovation process as well as help you determine your attitude if there are delays or disputes in the middle of the renovation process. The documentation and agreement should be made as detailed as possible including the payment process so that you can readjust to the RAB that you prepared earlier.


Tip 6: Choose quality building materials and order them on time

For the renovation process to run smoothly and according to the specified deadline, it is a good idea for us to carefully select and decide on the materials, tools, and equipment for the renovation process, even before the work begins.


Of course, Mortar Utama is ready to provide a variety of expert solutions for your home renovation that are high quality and reliable! Check out the product selection here! When you have chosen the right building materials, don't forget to plan the time of ordering and delivery carefully so that the renovation process can be done on time!


Tip 7: Communicate and consult with the experts intensely

Finally, keep in touch and consult with experts, be it architects, interior designers, and contractors that you have chosen and trusted if YOU want to make changes in the middle of the renovation process. In a large-scale renovation, it is also important that YOU establish a communication plan that is tailored to the roles of the people involved in the project. This is to simplify the communication process and ensure everyone can do their job without holding other workers or getting in the way of each other, according to the detailed time frame and work schedule.


As a sense of care for the customers, Mortar Utama is also ready to give you consultation and training from the experts so that your home renovation process can be maximized. The Mortar Utama team of experts is ready to help you from choosing the right product to training the team working on the project to make the product application process easier and getting a good application result. For more information, click here!



Source: Kompas.com & Suara.com