Extend the Durability of Ceramics with Qualified Grout

Perpanjang Umur Keramik dengan Nat Berkualitas

Although only a line between tiles, the presence of grout can be a determinant of the quality of your house floor. Still unsure with it?

Although only a line between tiles, the presence of grout can be a determinant of the quality of your house floor. Still unsure with it?

The tile floor with the vine motive looks solid and beautiful fills the floor of the dwelling. However, do not just focus on the main figure covering the floor, in this case ceramics. Note also the tiny "figure" that fills every gap in the ceramic. Ceramic companion figure is commonly known as grout or grouting.

Although small, do not try to underestimate its presence. When the gap between the empty ceramics without this filler, its beauty will certainly disappear. Not only that, the quality of the floor is strong and strong was not infrequently affected the grout filler material. When the grout is strong and tightly sealed, the automatic floor will not be easy to loose or popping.

This indicates that grout also has a role to protect the tile floor from damage. Joni Kho as Senior Product Manager of PT Cipta Mortar Utama said, grout not only serves a proponent of ceramic aesthetics, but also resist moving both shrinkage which occurs due to changes in temperature in the room.

The effect that can happen is easy removing ceramics / easy raising aka popping. Grout can also help prevent seeps in wet areas, such as showers and pools. However, to be able to protect the ceramic perfectly, grout must be filled with the right material. Previously, the artisans only used conventional mortar grout to fill in.

In fact, this method is less effective because the cement is brittle and stiff so that when there is movement at the expense of expansion, ceramics are easily lifted. Joni advised us to wear special grout fillers. Excess special grout filler is the material is more soft and orderly. Thus, when there is movement of expansion shrinkage, ceramic floor or wall is not easily lifted.

"Special grout fillers are generally the same as regular cement. Only, special grout fillers are equipped with technology that makes grout more flexible. In addition, some types of grout fillers can also protected from mold attacks and water seepage that often hit the wet area, "said architect Satrio Herlambang. One more thing that makes grout filler more recommended, namely the collection of diverse colors.

Yes, now the grout filler is not only grey. You can also choose the color of grout in accordance with the theme or color of ceramics used. In addition to color selection, you can also add other liquids that have been equipped with special technology to avoid the color of faded grout quickly. However, many grout fillers that can be directly applied to the floor because it is equipped with protective features to maintain color.

To meet the need for grout fillers, you can get the material in the supermarket building materials building material stores. "Before using, it's good to read in advance the dough doses needed. Usually grout material manufacturers include material specifications on the back of the packaging, "said Joni.

In order for you to get maximum results, it's good not to step on the tile floor for 24 hours for grout attached perfectly. How? Make no mistake select the floor adhesive, right?! Good luck!