Get To Know The Pioneer of Instant Cement, Mortar-Weber

Mortar Utama (MU)

For the general public who is not in touch with construction or property development activities, it would be strange to hear about Instant Cement.

The cement for this time cement name is called cement that makes building materials, which if to glue brick or ceramic must be mixed with sand first.

Apparently not only there Instant messaging, instant cement has long been present in the middle of society. Instant cement is also known as Mortar, a mixture of sand and cement used to glue bricks, install ceramics, scraping, or plastering.

One company that pioneered the term instant cement or Mortar was Mortar Utama-Weber. General Manager of Product Mortar Utama-Weber, Joni Kho explained that Mortar Utama-Weber has been present in Indonesia since 1996 and became the first national company to produce ready-made instant cement using modern technology. The instant cement product is known as MORTAR UTAMA-Weber (MU-Weber).

"Mortar itself means a mixture of cement and sand, technically in the world of construction, instant cement is known as Premixed Mortar or Dry Mortar." Premixed Mortar means mixed mixture before, in accordance with its designation, "explained Mr. Joni at Mortar Utama-Weber Office in Jakarta.

In contrast to traditional or conventional cement, the process of making instant cement or Mortar has been using modern computerized technology. It aims to mix or mixing between its constituent components according to the standard, and the quality is well maintained.

The materials used in the manufacture of Mortar instant cement are also different. If conventional cement uses only one material, then instant cement is a mixture of cement, silica sand, additives and some other materials that can be mixed together.

Traditional habits that, obviously Mr. Joni, before doing work such as glue brick or ceramic or other work, builders first to mix cement and sand separated with a certain dose.

"While Premixed Mortar itself is included in one packaging, it is only put in a container for stirring with water," said Mr. Joni.

The premixed Mortar variety is overwhelming with hundreds of types in developed countries whose technological constructs are advanced. In Indonesia generally used for the retail segment about 10 types.

Mortar Utama-Weber produces nearly 40 types, but that contributes about 90% less than 10 types

The large parts, Mr. Joni continued categorized in the products related to the wall; installation of brick, stucco, coat. Floor-related products; spraying/screed, ceramic adhesives, and ceramic grout.

"Beyond that, there are products called technical products such as waterproofing ie MU-600 DryShield and concrete repair products," he added.

* MU-600 DryShield is a waterproof coating product containing Acrylic Copolymer that strengthens waterproof resistance flexibility to substrate crack underneath due to the repeated expansion process.

All products incorporated in Mortar Utama-Weber have their own color identity in the packaging. Products related to the wall are identical to the green, red ceramic adhesive, for waterproof coating (MU-600 Dryshield), and concrete-colored concrete improvements. Details for MU-600 DryShield can be checked here

"With this consistency visibility can make it easier for consumers to know the product of Instant Mortar Utama Weber Cement. Read more can be checked, "Mr. Joni added.

To introduce to the general public about Instant Mortar Cement and Mortar Utama-Weber products, Mr. Joni said his company held socialization to the general public both professionals and households, including providing education on how to build walls, install ceramics and other good construction work and quality.

"We are also focusing on building the distribution of products so that the availability of the building materials is sufficient and accessible to the public, while for the Highrise Building project, the contractors are familiar with Mortar Utama-Weber products," he explained.

In a world of digital and fast internet access, Mortar Utama-Weber has also complemented its website with information and education services; video tutorials, digital tools in choosing colors, calculator use of Mortar Utama-Weber product, and tips and tricks about home decoration.

Thanks to the innovation and consistency of instant cement, Mortar Utama-Weber achieved Top Brand 2016 for the fifth time for the instant cement category.

Mortar Utama-Weber Instant Cement is spread throughout Indonesia. With the largest market still on the island of Java and Sumatra. The Mortar Utama-Weber has 2 large factories located in Cibitung-Bogor, West Java and Gresik, East Java. The company is also preparing to build a new plant in Sumatra.