How to Choose the Right Lighting for Comfortable Home

Mortar Utama (MU)

Lamps not only serve as a lighting tool, but also one of the key elements that make the appearance of occupancy more attractive and comfortable. Yes, proper lighting makes the atmosphere warm so that occupant can move well and feel at home.

With so many benefits of lighting, it seems we can no longer disregard the selection of lights for your dream home. Then, what kind of lights are right for each room? The following info can be a guide:

1. Living Room

Because it functions, the proper lights placed here are "beautiful lights", in other words, lights with attractive and artsy designs. You can choose a classic chandelier or a contemporary style pendant that creates a friendly impression to welcome guests. The trick, choose a halogen light bulb that emits bright white light.

2. Family Room

The house is just a dead building without warmth if not noticed by its inhabitants. And, warmth is usually created from a certain space, namely the middle room that serves as a place to watch television while gathering with family members.

Well, because this room is a central space, you can maximize creativity by choosing standing lamp flavored art or applying simple plant lights but never outdated. Because the duration of its use is quite long, use LED lamps that are power-saving and durable. Avoid using dim lights because it will make the room becomes "less alive" or looks dull.

3. Bathroom

"Why bother thinking about lighting for the bathroom? At the end, we do not spend much time there. "If this is your assumption, immediately change your mind. In fact, the bathroom is the first and last place you go at the beginning and end of the day.

So, if this time the light that you put only a perfunctory and tend to dim, immediately replace with halogen bulb. Bright white lights also provide the right lighting effect if you like to makeup in the bathroom-as it approaches natural light outside the room.

So, believe it, if the light plays an important role for the comfort of your home?