Improve the Function of Your House Exterior by Maximizing Space in Carport

Mortar Utama (MU)

Limited land should no longer be considered as an obstacle in exploring the appearance of your house. No matter how small the size of your house exterior is, there are now many different ways to improve its function, one of which is by maximizing the function of the carport.

Not only serves as a place to park and protect your vehicle, if you consider its architecture heavily, carport can also add to the aesthetics of your house. For example, by turning the roof of the carport into a balcony.

By turning the carport roof into a balcony, the exterior of your house will look more beautiful. Furthermore, the balcony will also expand the eye view on the upper floor towards the ground floor and the environment around your house.

If you want the balcony to have a similar or cohesive look with the rest of your house, you can apply the balcony structure with your house. The appearance of the balcony can also be combined with the design/concept of your house, and shaped according to the space requirements.

By integrating the carport with the concept of your house, you can maximize the function of the space and increase the aesthetics of your house to a higher level. No matter how small your house is.

To make it look more beautiful, you can adopt a cross or line grid pattern on the balcony. These three patterns enhance the aesthetic value of your house.

There is one important thing that you must pay attention to in making a balcony. Because it is located in an outdoor area, the balcony will often get wet, especially during the rainy season. For this reason, it is necessary to use appropriate and high-quality waterproof coating such as MU-600 DryShield from Mortar Utama Weber on balcony walls and floors. Apply the waterproof coating before installing the ceramics (on the floor level /screed).

Specially designed with Crackbridge Technology that contains a polymer emulsion made from active Acrylic Copolymer, MU-600 DryShield can improve the resistance of waterproofing to the process of substrate shrinkage under it. MU-600 DryShield can prevent seepage and avoid your balcony from leakage.