Inspiration: Ceramic Designs for Your Ideal House

Artikel juli 1 Inspirasi Desain Keramik Kekinian untuk Rumah Idaman

Ceramic is often used because of its high durability, water resistance, and easy maintenance. But now, one important factor that urges you to install ceramics in your house is its ability in adding aesthetic elements to your house.

Colored Grout Tiles

Filling ceramic grout with colored tile grouts gives a pleasant graphical aesthetic on simple ceramics, as well as adding aesthetics and interesting elements to a room. Besides bright colors such as orange, blue, and others, gold tile grouts are also used by many interior and architectural designers because it creates an elegant impression and make the room look more spacious.


Mismatched Tiles

This ceramic installation trend mix and combine different ceramics that have the same size, but have different designs and colors. Although it looks a bit quirky, this "mismatched" ceramic tiles installation can be found in so many places. If you want to apply this trend, there is one thing that you should remember, which is to use a tile grout product with matching colors, and never mix ceramics of different sizes or shapes.


Penny Round Tiles

Last year, subway tiles became the prima donna of tiles. But not anymore, as penny round ceramic tiles now steal the center of the attention. Combining penny round ceramic tiles with matching and contrast tone of tile grout will give the impression of contemporary urban look to your house.

Scallop Tiles

This “fish scales shaped” ceramic tiles now become more and more popular, thanks to various home décor blogs, Instagram accounts, and Pinterest posts that highlight the beauty of this tile. Today, scallop tiles are not only dominated by pastel colors, but also dark colors such as black and navy, giving the homeowners and architects more choice in creating a dream house.

Bohemian Mosaic Tiles

Bohemian mosaic tile remains a trend in 2018, and one of the reasons is its attractive and aesthetic look. Having a variety of designs and styles, these tiles can be installed in various rooms, ranging from bathroom, kitchen, to living room. To add the aesthetic value of your house, choose a monochrome-colored ceramic and combine them with tile grout that have matching color. 

  • MU-408 Tile Grouts

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    So which ceramic and tile grout product do you choose?