Natural Stones: Material with Endless Options for Your Dream House

Mortar Utama (MU)

Since long ago, natural stones have always been one of the common used building materials, especially for finishing processes. The various types and methods of installation of natural stones can provide a variety of patterns to homeowners. No wonder natural stones seem to become an obligatory element of a house. 

Natural stones are not a mass industrial product. The mineral bonds that make up natural stones provide diversity as well as natural value in each component. Not only that, taken from a large chunk, natural stones are also formed and cut according to the size desired by the producers. This is the reason why natural stones can produce various shapes in each building.

In general, natural stones are suitable to be used to create fresh nuances in the interior and exterior of your house. With a variety of installation options, you can produce a complete spectrum of textures or colors in your house.

In addition to its diversity, what distinguishes natural stones from other materials is that natural stones have a lasting appearance. Even after a hundred years, natural stone can still retain its natural beauty. Old buildings and royal relics or colonial times can be the proof of natural stones’ eternal beauty.

To enhance the beauty and quality of natural stones, you can apply MU-400 GranitFix, an instant mortar designed for Granite Tile (Homegenous Tile) and natural stones installation, both on floors and walls. With its incredible adhesion, this high quality product from MU-Weber prevents the decline and popping of natural stones when applied on floors or walls.

One thing you need to know, even though it is suitable for use in every part of your house, it would be better if you avoid installing natural stones in your kitchen or garage. This is related to the nature of natural stones that can be very difficult to clean when stained by oil.