Preparing for Transition Season

Mortar Utama (MU)

Transition season is the time of transition from rainy to dry season, or vice versa. The transition causes an extreme change in moisture and temperature.

Towards the transition season, one of the most vulnerable elements to leakage is residential house. To anticipate the impact, below are several areas of the house that need your attention:


The gap on the top and edges (wall intersection) of a roof is potentially having leakage, thus need to be anticipated by using waterproofing.

Concrete Roof Deck

The cracks on the concrete roof deck will develop a small gap on the concrete that could cause leakage in the area. Therefore, the necessary preventive action is by using waterproofing.

Wall Intersection

The intersection between the roof and the wall is the part that has the potential for leakage, which could be prevented by waterproofing.

Upstairs Bathroom

Bathroom is the wet area with the potential for leakage, thus need to be protected by waterproofing.