When is the Right Time to Renovate the House?

Mortar Utama (MU)

There is no specific benchmark to determine when to properly renovate the house. When the house starts to break down that reduces the convenience, then the moment is the right time to start renovating the house.

The ideal house is that has a strong structure, beautiful aesthetics, and support functions that bring comfort to the owner.

However, along with the passage of time and usage, the house was not free from the threat of damage. When damage begins at home which ultimately disturbs the comfort of the occupant, it’s time to start consider renovating your home.



Cracks on the Wall Problem

Hairline Crack interference on the outer walls of the home for example, although only slightly, these problem can reduce the comfort when you are at home. Hairline crack problems like this can occur because the quality of the house wall is not as good as when the first wall was built.

Cracks on the walls can cause rain water seepage. Once the water goes into the cracks, the water will continue to search for other gaps and spread. Therefore the wall of the house becomes damp, yellow, and potentially mold growing. If this happen, not only comfort, but the aesthetics of the house was broken.

Use of Special Skimming Mortar

Special skimming mortar contains additives that can hold water on the cement mixture in order not to evaporate too quickly, so the application process easier and also avoid the hairline crack on the walls of the house.

The use of special skimming mortar also provides several other advantages: faster drying, smoother, thinner applicatio and ready to paint within seven days.


The use of such special skimming mortar can save costs up to 33% compared to ordinary cement. The painting process is faster because it does not require plamir (base paint) and the resulting wall does not absorb paint, so the painting process does not need to be repeated many times.