In Commitment to Advancing Premixed Mortar Industry in Indonesia, Saint-Gobain Builds 4th MU-Weber Plant in Cikande

To prove the seriousness of Saint-Gobain Group to support Indonesia's innovative building material industry, in March 2018 MU-Weber inaugurated its 4th plant located in Cikande Industrial Estate, Banten.


Pabrik MU (Mortar Utama) Weber Cikande

This factory stands on an area of more than 5 hectares with a production capacity of 180,000 tons /year. "We are continuing to increase our production capacity in Indonesia and have plans to build our next plant in several locations by 2020, in line with the large willingness of consumers to use premixed mortar products. It can also be an indication that Indonesia is a promising country for investment, as well as a very potential market, "said Jose Martos, President Director of PT Cipta Mortar Utama.

In addition, this factory is also related to the increasing trend of use of premixed mortar in the architecture. According to Ary Indra as an Architect, the use of premixed mortar is more practical because it is ready to use, easy to use, higher quality consistency, time and cost-saving because the project location becomes cleaner. One of the founders of Aboday Architects Bureau also said that in the development of buildings, it takes a wise behavior. As premixed mortar pioneer, MU-Weber has the advantage of being practical, efficient, and technologically cutting-edge in its field.

These advantages will make the building quality better, the budget controlled, and the environment around the development also become more environmentally friendly. "As a subsidiary of Saint-Gobain, a French company that has stood for more than 350 years, PT.Cipta Mortar Utama is ready to support infrastructure development and improve the quality of people's lives by providing the best quality mortar," said Anton Ginting, National Marketing Director of MU-Weber. Therefore, MU-Weber hopes that the construction of the 4th Plant of PT Cipta Mortar Utama in Cikande will encourage the premixed mortar industry to continue to grow and change to more efficient building behavior in Indonesia.