Ramah Lingkungan

Environmental Program

PT Cipta Mortar Utama is fully committed to the business of environmental sustainability. Various innovations, policies and technologies on environmental sustainability have been implemented, one of which is to be part of the greenhouse board team of Green Building Council Indonesia.

By being part of the global community of Saint Gobain Weber. PT Cipta Mortar Utama is increasingly putting forward innovative solutions to provide products that are caring and environmentally friendly.


Together with Green Building Indonesia (GBCI), PT. Cipta Mortar Utama participates in the preparation of the greensip rating system which is a measurable tool to achieve green building standards. And for this GBCI certification PT. Cipta Mortar Utama received a total rating of 10 for instant mortar MU, Job Automation System (JAS) and Primacon Primary Bricks

Environmental, Health & Safety Programs

PT. Cipta Mortar Utama will implement the EHS program consistently and make continuous improvements. So it is expected that by 2015 all work areas of PT Cipta Mortar Utama will be free from deaths, accidents, occupational diseases, property damage and pollution.

Periodic monitoring every month is always done to monitor and check the implementation of the EHS program to be consistent across departments.

With a systematic approach to environmental aspect and environmental impact management, occupational health and safety and compliance with EHS regulations and requirements from governments, customers, international certification bodies as well as Saint Gobain Weber standards are expected to create a safe, healthy, and environmentally friendly work environment.