The exterior of the house is the part that greets us upon entering the house. Therefore, use quality materials when building and routine maintenance to keep it beautiful.

Solution To Get The Best Result

  1. Beautify Facades with Natural Stones

    The facade of the house is the area that first stole our attention when entering the dwelling. Therefore, its construction should be considered in detail as it will be a strong impression for your residence. One way to beautify the facade is to apply granite or natural stone to provide uniqueness on the front of the house. 

  2. Apply Granite or Natural Stones

    A practical way to install granite on the facade is to use MU-400 GranitFix Instant Cement for homogenous tile installation work & natural stone on walls and floors. Based on cement, the best sand, fillers and additives mixed homogeneously.

  3. Use good quality plaster

    And use high quality palster using MU-100 Plaster Premium Instant Mortar forwork of plastering on the wall. Can be applied by spray or manual on the interior and exterior walls, to produce a more smooth and dense surface. Based on cement, the best sand, fillers and additives mixed homogeneously.

  4. Use a matching Nat Filler

    To complement the beauty of your home, use the MU-408 ColorOutdoor  Nat Filler specially designed with Active Defense Technology that make it resistant to weather changes and UV exposure and resistant to heavy object friction such as vehicle tires. Suitable for grout filler.

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