MU-700 Floor Hardener

MU-700 Floor Hardener

Instant cement as layering element for anti-scratch and smooth concrete floor used in parking building, workshop, etc. Its ingredients are cement, silica sand, and additive mixed homogenously.

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To know before applying

  1. When the leveling process of concrete in the work floor, should follow the procedures of smoothing and concrete compaction according to common standards
  2. Concrete surface leveling can be aided with jidar or other means to obtain a flat and solid surface.
  3. If there is excess water should be reduced / discarded.

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Features and benefits

  • Easy and ready to use, only needs water.
  • The surface of concrete/floor is harder
  • The floor is not slippery and the product is applicable on wet area
  • The floor will be dust-free and resistant to scratch thus will reduce the maintenance/cleaning cost
  • Suitable for warehouse, supermarket, workshop, showroom, etc.

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