MU-440 Floor Screed

MU-440 Perata Lantai
Instant cement for floor screed work, to add floor elevation or serving as working floor before the application of floor ceramic. Its ingredients are cement, silica sand, filler and additive mixed homogeneously.

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To know before applying

  1. Prepare workplace & surface to be covered with mortar.
  2. Can be used directly above ground level, first surface must be compacted & leveled.
  3. Cover the soil surface with sand as floor work of screed floor.
  4. Install sufficient clues for altitude & flatness of the work surface.
  5. Clean the place from dirt & oil then wet the bottom surface with water.

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Features and benefits

  • Strong loads on the floor surface.
  • Very well used as floor work on a ceramic floor.
  • Can be applied over the surface of the concrete floor.
  • first coated MU-L500 AcryBond (Acrylic Mortar & Concrete Adhesives).
  • It can also be applied over a fairly solid soil surface.
  • Elastic when applied.
  • For efficiency can use Silo System.

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