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MU is high quality ready to use mortar that produced to elevate construction process to maximize effectiveness performing better cost and time saving.

A mixture process of cement and sand on site of the project.

  1. High quality building; as MU products are produced with World Quality Manufacturing System and German technology 
  2. Effectiveness; all products are ready to use
  3. Time Efficiency; MU products require shorter time for drying and waiting time, resulting cost saving in the final results.

Selected sand that is divided into several sizes for its intended use, best quality mortar, premium filler and the best additives. Mixed with the accurate composition.

Only with 3 easy steps:

  1. Pour water
  2. Mix well
  3. Mortar is ready to use.
  1. Raw materials; the materials used for the wall might be mixed with unneccesary and unrelated materials that affect the result
  2. Inconsistency of the mixture
  3. The mixture of sand and cement is not homogeneous 
  4. Un-desirable method of application
  5. Timetable-less drying process.
  • Filling the grout with cement only. Cement is not a flexible material so it cracks when the substrate moves.
  • The water used for mixing is not hygiene 
  • Composition for tile grout mixture contains too much water
  • Applying on the surface without filling the tile grout fully 
  • The space for tile grout is too wide.
  • The conventional method used for tile adhesive; this mixture is not flexible and accommodating the tile movement.
  • A blank space that allows pressure from below the floor
  • Size of tile grout (too close)
  • Selecting tile adhesive without considering the area and condition of application. 
Mortar Utama (MU)

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