Kitchen cooking activities require extra care to keep it clean and healthy.

Solution To Get The Best Result

  1. Beautiful Kitchen with Ceramics

    Dingy kitchen certainly does not look attractive. By applying ceramic tile on the walls, this will make the kitchen look more beautiful. Ceramic in kitchen walls can also serve to prevent damp on the walls which adjacent to the wet areas. To attached the ceramics practically is to use MU-460 PoolFix White. With this ceramic adhesive, the mosaic will show its colour because the tile fixing itself colored white making your kitchen more beatiful

  2. Choose Stain Repel Tile Grout

    The kitchen is the place where family health comes from. Therefore the kitchen becomes an area in the home that should get extra attention. Problems arising in the kitchen are the stains that stay on the grout making kitchen looks dirty. As a solution, use MU-408 ColorKitchen is specially designed Tile Grout grout  Stain Repel Formula that maintains more durable color, which makes the tile grout repellant to stains and easy to clean

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