Maximize Your House with Contrast Grout Color

The trend of beautifying rooms with contrast grout color is becoming more and more popular in 2018.

Nat Mozaik Toilet

This trend, which exploits the combination of tile and contrast grout color, attracts many homeowners because of its function that can create a certain accent for a room.

Nowadays, tile grout is not only regarded as a filler and complementary material, but is also considered as a design element that add and improve the visual beauty of a room.

Thats why, if you want to create or add a visual beauty to a room in your house, from giving a fresh look to your bathroom tiles to give a touch of color in your kitchen area, colored tile grout should be your first option.

When you apply contrast grout color, the first thing you have to do is to make sure that the selected color matches the room. To maximize the result, it would be better if you experiment and try various color combinations between the tile and contrast grout color.

One thing is certain. Eventhough the purpose of using contrast grout color is basically to beautify a room, it will be even better if you also pay attention to the quality of the grout. Thats because a high quality grout filler can avoid some problems to your tile in the future, such as mushrooms growth, fading grout color, and cracked tile grout. Because once grout loose, insects and bacteria will nestled in the grout, which will make the tiles become more easily detached.

For colored grout fillers, MU-408 ColorFill is the perfect choice for you. Comes with many color options, a high quality premixed mortar also has other advantages, such as easy to clean, frictional resistance, and not easily cracked.

Then for certain areas such as bathroom, kitchen, outdoor area and swimming pool, a high quality premixed mortar like MU-408 PowerBathroom, MU-408 ColorKitchen, MU-408 ColorOutdoor and MU-408 PowerPool are highly recommended for your creation.