MU Weber Contributes for Jakarta Floods

Heavy rain that pouring down over the Indonesian capital of Jakarta occurred in the hours leading up to the new year on January 2020. Due to the overnight rain has caused severe flooding in Jakarta’s metropolitan areas. As results, several community and economic activities were paralyzed. 

Seeing this, MU-Weber cannot bear to just stand and watch, but has the initiative to take concrete steps to provide aids to our partners, namely shops that were affected by the flood by replacing MU-Weber products that are submerged and damaged.

MU-Weber hopes that this initiative could ease the burden of loses experienced by our partners so that they can quickly recover and continue their business smoothly.

Documentation’s caption:

To express their concern for partners, MU-Weber delivered their products as material relief to several RC shops to replace their products that were damaged due to flood. As we have known, the flood that swept Jakarta early this year has impacted on the decline in economic activity.