MU-Weber Loyal Customers Get the Chance to Visit Scandinavia

In every steps that the company take, loyal customers have always been an inspiration. Like MU-Weber, that always continue to create innovative products and services.  

As a token of appreciation for the trust given, as many as 60 loyal customers from the distributor and star outlet segments were selected to participate in the Scandinavia Trip loyalty program, which was held on September 4th- 13th 2018. During this program, the distributor and star outlets representatives were invited to tour various cities in Norway and Sweden. In addition, they also got the chance to visit the Saint-Gobain office in Stockholm, Sweden.

This visit gave an opportunity for the participants to explore more information about Saint-Gobain and Weber. After the visit, interesting tourist spots became their next destination.

Through this program, MU-Weber hopes to be able to always maintain a good relationship with customers.