MU-Weber Lucky Corner

In 3 consecutive months, Mortar Utama Weber has held a program to its customers by shopping promo materials for the renovation of the ceramic can get many exciting prizes! This program is called the MU Corner, which was carried out from September to December 2017 and present every weekend in 14 point already positioned adjacent to 50 ceramic shops that provide the finest products from Mortar Utama Weber.

At MU Corner there are many advantages will be obtained by MU-Weber loyal customers, such as a free product consultation, exclusive prizes and attractive offers on every purchase transaction. With a specific product shopping, customers can get a chance to take a lucky draw to win an interesting souvenirs from MU-Weber.

This program has been well received and lively from MU-Weber customers, one of whom Mr. Hartono and Mr. Widodo who have been shopping and got the prize draw. Mr. Widodo said, "The promo that held at MU Corner is very interesting and give you a lot of luck, but at first I just want to buy MU-Weber products to install ceramic at my house, I never thought I would win the prize draw".

For other customers who haven’t  had time to come to MU Corner, look forward to the next period of MU Corner in your nearest area to earn your luck!

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