MU-Weber Retailer Club Fun Trip Thailand & Belitung

Delighted faces were surfaced on the shores of Tanjung Kelayang, Belitung and the city of Bangkok, Thailand. A total of 319 participants consisted of 244 Retail stores belonging to the MU-Weber Retailer Loyalty Club nationwide which contributed to Retail sales on 2018 enjoyed the holiday with MU-Weber, part of Saint-Gobain Indonesia.

The first destination of the Fun Trip MU-Weber Retailer Club was Bangkok, Thailand, the trip lasted from 23-25 March 2018. 98 participants coming from 54 stores originating from various cities in Indonesia were invited to travel and enjoy the beauty of Bangkok. In addition to the city tour, participants were also invited to shop and discover the local cuisine of the ‘white elephant’ country. Saint-Gobain Indonesia Retail Manager of West Java area, Mrs. Fika, also expressed gratitude to the retailers that have contributed astonishingly to MU-Weber throughout 2018.

which is a series of Fun Trip Retailer Club 2018 Event by MU-Weber. The Fun Trip event Belitung itself is divided into 2 batches. Batch one was held on 09-11 March 2019, while the second batch was held on 29 April-01 may 2019. These Fun Trips in Belitung participated by 221 participants consists of 190 retail stores that are also joined as a Member of MU-Weber Loyalty retailer Club with outstanding achievement and contribution in 2018.

To start the trip on Belitung Island, participants were enjoying the tour to Tanjung Kelayang Beach, relishing the view above the boat, and playing games for prizes. Entering the last dinner, Manager of Retail area of Jabodetabek, Mr. Mulyawan expressed gratitude to the participants who cooperated with MU-Weber.

As the highlight of the event, the National Commercial Director of Saint-Gobain Indonesia, Mrs. Djie Ivana Ijaya wished that the MU-Weber Fun Trip could become a delightful memory for the retailers, making the event a great moment for the company to stay connected while remaining its place for the first and leading choice of instant mortar in Indonesia. Closing the Fun Trip, MU-Weber prepares a fireworks show for the participants to enjoy before returning to their home cities.