Preserve the Same Foundation of Care, Now Transform Us into Our New Look

For more than a quarter of a century, Mortar Utama has been building high-quality buildings and living for all people in Indonesia. With the worldwide support of Saint-Gobain, this very same care has also started the birth of the new face of Mortar Utama which was officially launched on October 15, 2021, ago.



Ivana Ijaya, as Managing Director of Saint-Gobain Indonesia, said that this new logo and packaging is clear proof of Mortar Utama's commitment to continue to grow and move together to create sustainable solutions in accordance with Saint-Gobain's vision, namely Making the World a Better Home. The latest packaging from Mortar Utama also looks similar to Weber packaging globally, which confirms that the quality of Mortar Utama products has been recognized internationally.


Although it comes in a new, more attractive packaging, Mortar Utama still serves the same contents with maintained quality and of course, it is easy to store if it has not been used up during the use process. Not only presenting a new logo and packaging Mortar Utama also presents a new figure namely Pak MUMU, who shows Mortar Utama as an expert and trusted brand but remains warm and cares about the quality of buildings and housing for all its customers.