Saint-Gobain Indonesia Joining CatalogPro Indonesia Visited Medan, North Sumatera 24-26 April 2019

Horas! That was the first friendly greeting, when the Saint-Gobain Indonesia together with CatalogPro Indonesia visited the city of Medan, North Sumatera for three days, precisely on 24-26 April 2019.

On the first day, the team from MU Weber educate about the advantages of using instant mortar such as time efficiency to 80 students of architects in ISTP (Institut Sains & Pardede Technology) Medan at the event named "Goes to Campus ISTP". On this occasion the students also could ask on the Question and Answer session regarding MU Weber Instant mortar products and Gyproc.

Entering the second day, 61 professional colleagues such as architects, developers, contractors and academics gathered together at the "Gathering Professional" where on this visit, Saint-Gobain Indonesia introduces quality solutions The building by MU Weber's instant mortar and Gyproc gypsum board.

On the last day, Saint-Gobain Indonesia went to the Indonesian Architect Association (IAI) Medan, as well as some of the best architect companies in the city of Medan including MAT Architect, Simon + Dhoni Studio, and HB Architeam which is famous for various and Iconic works. With the end of this visit, the Saint-Gobain of Indonesia hopes to continuously improve and maintain good relations with the architects, professionals and local academically.

Saint-Gobain Indonesia also hopes to be able to visit other regions in Indonesia and provide the best solution for each building with quality products from MU Weber instant mortar and Gyproc's gypsum board.