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Gubernur Sumatera Utara Resmikan Pabrik Mortar Pertama di Sumatera yaitu Mortar Utama Weber (MU-Weber)

North Sumatra Governor Inaugurates the First Mortar Plant in Sumatra

PT Cipta Mortar Utama, part of the Saint-Gobain Group, the world leader in construction materials from France, has opened its third plant in Medan Industrial Estate 3 (KIM 3), Medan North Sumatra.

Semarak 21 Tahun Mortar Utama-Weber

Gala Festivity for The Mortar Utama-Weber 21th Anniversary

2017 marks the 21-year-old Mortar Utama-Weber right on June 20, 2017, MU-Weber hosts the Famliy Gathering for the Mortar Utama-Weber family held at Dunia Fantasi, Ancol.

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The Difference Between Architect and Interior Designer

Which one do you prefer? This kind of question may come up to your mind when you want to re-construct a building. To answer that question, we need to understand the difference and function between…

4 Common Problems of Marble as Wall and Floor Coatings That You Need To Know

Not only walls, floors are also an important part of a building. Therefore, the best material must be used as a floor covering material so that the house looks more beautiful. Natural stone is often…

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