Solutions for Installing Marble and Granite without Spots, Stains and Efflorescence

Mortar Utama (MU)

As explained before, whatever type of material used as floor covering, of course they all have disadvantages, including material from natural stone (marble and granite). However, there are no problems that cannot be overcome. Any problems arising from natural stones can be avoided by using Stone Solution from Saint-Gobain MU-Weber.


Stone Solution from Saint-Gobain MU-Weber consists of three protections. First is the Capillar Stop which is a protective liquid that is applied to the bottom and sides of marble or granite before installation is done. This liquid serves to minimize the effect of capillarization of cement water from mortar products (ceramic adhesives, and ceramic grout) which can cause spots or stains. Besides Capillar Stop, there is Stain ProteX which is a white waterproof coating cement. ProteX Stain not only provides extra protection for marble and granite surfaces, but also provides a brighter effect on the floor surface of your home.


Finally, there is Stone Fix. Stone Fix is ​​an adhesive designed specifically to be combined with Capillar Stop and Stain ProteX products to produce the best natural stone mounting solution with very minimal risk of removing marble and granite as well as from the appearance of stains or spots on its floor surface.



The advantages of Stone Solution from MU-Weber

1. Strong adhesive power

2. Low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound)

3. Able to withstand the shrinkage of marble and granite

4. Significantly reduce the potential for spotting, staining, and efflorescence due to contamination of cement water from mortar products by covering the pores of marble and granite.


Application process

For he application process on the floor starts with providing protection to the back marble with protective liquid Capillar Stop or Stain ProteX. For maximum results, you can use both of them sequentially by following the waiting time for each product listed on the brochure. After that, glue the natural stone material using StoneFix. The application process is quite different for the walls. Application of marble and granite to the wall does not use Stain ProteX. Marble and granite can have a good adhesion by only using Stone Fix and Capillar Stop


Stone Solution, the right solution for your marble and granite.

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