PT Cipta Mortar Utama is the first premixed manufacturer in Indonesia to provide Silo Application Technology System (STAS) to simplify construction work.

Silo is a tubular container having a volume of 20m3 (± 30 tons) of dry mortar in bulk form. The silo is integrated with STAS to increase productivity.

About STAS

STAS is a high-tech application system to improve the productivity of building construction and is the result of the integrated development of several systems namely:

  • Silo & Conveying System
  • Logistics System
  • System Application
  • Loading and Unloading System

SILO Physical Data

SILO Excellence

  • Accelerate the delivery process and loading and unloading

  • Reduce material storage and piles of material at the project site

  • Increase project productivity

  • The efficiency of time and cost

  • Reduce waste of packaging or pallets

  • Avoid loss of material and protect the material from weather

  • Conveying system is safe

  • Does not cause dust

  • More efficient use of human resources

  • Can be refilled at project location

  • Consistency of mixing

  • Reduces waste handling

Productivity Comparison

  • Manual application system (conventional)

  • Manual application system with packing sack (MU instant cement)

  • System spray application with sack

  • Application System with Sack