Besides using it as a place to hanging out with family and friend, Terrace or balcony will surely add aesthetic element that makes your house beautiful

Solution To Get The Best Result

  1. The Complement of a Residential Home

    The terrace is open halfspaces that usually becomes the border of a building entrance. There are some people that make the terrace as a complement, but there is also a terrace design that has more functions than just a building complement. Generally, the function of the terrace is more like a space for welcoming guests. For a larger size, the terrace can even be used as a living room. Many also combine the terrace with a garden so comfortable to be a place to relax. For tropical climates such as Indonesia, the terrace is usually covered with a roof. To maximize the terrace look and durable, we have to give the building materials used more serious. Use MU-400 GranitFix, an instant mortar for granite tile or natural stone on the floor.

  2. Comfortably Relax on the balcony without Leak

    The balcony at home is most easily used to be a place to relax for the family. Balcony also serves to beautify the outer appearance of your home. Unfortunately, these areas often experience a leak and soak due to rain. No need to worry, there's an easy way to anticipate. You can use MU-600 DryShield waterproof coating with crackbridge technology on the balcony and roof deck to prevent leakage.

  3. Prevent Fungus on Tile Grout

    As the area that often exposed to rainwater, the floor on the terrace often overgrown with fungus, that makes grout look dirty and sloppy. Also, tile grout will easy to crack because extreme weather. As the place to greet guest, of course this will be very disruptive. To prevent this case, apply MU-408 ColorOutdoor when building terrace floor. This product is specially designed with Active Defense Technology which resistant to extreme weather and UV.

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