MU-420 CeraFix

MU420_Mortar Instan.png Perekat Keramik

Premixed Mortar as adhesive for Porous Tile (Ceramic Tile) fixing on the floor and wall. With base elements of cement, silica sand, filler and additive all of which homogeneously mixed.


Wall, Floor

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To know before applying

  • Prepare workplace & surface to be installed ceramic. We recommend that the ceramic is installed on a base that has been stable enough & flat (the use of mortar will be more extravagant on the bottom surface of the non-plastered brick wall).
  • The application above the new concrete must be at least 1 month old.
  • Use MU-600 or MU-601 (Waterproof Coatings) if you want a more waterproof ceramic wall.
  • Install enough clues for flatness, straightness & ease of installation work of ceramics.
  • Clean the surface of the splinters, dirt & oils that can reduce adhesive strength.
  • The ceramic to be installed should also be dampened first with water.

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Features and benefits

  • Highly adhesive and easy to apply
  • Tile glued strongly and will not debond easily.
  • Preventing the popping of ceramic tile.
  • Can be applied for ceramic tile on concrete surface.
  • Good resistance to shrinking and expansion.
  • Mixture will not quickly dry when applied.

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