MU-480 RenoFix LowDust

MU480_Mortar Instan - small

MU-480 RENOFIX LOWDUST ceramic adhesive with DUST LOCK TECHNOLOGY developed specifically to minimize the dust that arises when used, so as to provide a clean and safe working environment for health. Used in ceramic installation work, Granite Tile or natural stone on top of ceramic or old Granite Tile either on wall or floor without having to unpack it.




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To know before applying

  1. Prepare workplace & surface to be installed ceramic. We recommend that the ceramic is installed on a base that has been stable enough & flat (the use of mortar will be more extravagant on the bottom surface of the non-plastered brick wall).
  2. Use MU-600 or MU-601 (Waterproof Coatings) if you want a more waterproof ceramic wall.
  3. Install enough clues for flatness, straightness & ease of installation work of ceramics.
  4. Clean the surface of the splinters, dirt & oils that can reduce adhesive strength.

Features and benefits

  • Minimum dust working environment that provide cleaner & safer working environment. 
  • Easy and ready to use, only need to add water.
  • Change into new tile without dismantling the old/existing one.
  • Saving time & cost of labour.
  • Good prevention of tile debonding.
  • Can withstand strong traffic load on the tile surface.
  • Strong adhesion & good workability.
  • Slow drying time that gives better adjustment time.
  • Resistant to expansion – shrinkage of the substrate & tile.

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