MU-485 PowerFix Flex

MU485_Mortar Instan.png PowerFix Flex Perekat Keramik Ekstra Kuat

Super strong tile adhesive, can be applied to various surfaces such as metal, glass, wood, concrete, etc.With base elements of cement, silica sand, filler and additive all of which homogeneously mixed.


Wall, Floor

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To know before applying

  1. Prepare workplace & surface to be installed ceramic.
  2. Install enough clues for flatness, straightness & ease of installation work of ceramics.
  3. Clean the surface of the splinters, dirt & oils that can reduce adhesive strength.

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Features and benefits

  • Super high adhesion and plastic when applied on various surfaces such as ceramic, wood, glass, gypsum or the like. 
  • Can be applied in wet areas. 
  • Can be used for interior and exterior.
Weber Indonesia
Tile Fixing

Grand Indonesia

Grand Indonesia is a mixed-use complex including a shopping mall and hotel. The site of the current Grand Indonesia was previously occupied by Hotel Indonesia.

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