MU-408 ColorOutdoor

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MU 408 Color Outdoor

Instant Mortar ceramic fillers specially designed with Active Defense Technology that make it resistant to weather changes and UV exposure and resistant to heavy object friction such as vehicle tires. Suitable for grout filler on ceramic tile, granite tile and natural stone in outdoor area such as garage, balcony and terrace.




  • 01 Coco Tan
  • 02 Stone Grey
  • 03 Dark Black
  • 04 Dark Brown
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To know before applying

  1. Pour water 330-340ml, then pour MU-408 (1kg)
  2. Mix well and wait 2 minutes
  3. Apply MU-408 mix
  4. Waiting period after mixing maximum of 60 minutes
  5. Clean the remnants of MU-408 attached

Features and benefits

  • Weatherproof and UV rays
  • High Abrasive Resistant, resistant to friction
  • Easy to clean from various types of dirt and dust
  • Color does not fade easily
  • Easy to apply
  • The grout width is 2-10 mm, suitable for applications that require wide grout

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