MU-408 PowerBathroom

New Product
MU 408 PowerBathroom

Instant Mortar special ceramic grout filler for wet and humid areas. Equipped with SmartShield Pro Technology that has anti-fungal superiority, resistant to floor cleaning fluid and not easily cracked. Suitable for nat filler on ceramic tile, granite tile and bathroom mosaic either on wall or floor


Wall, Floor


  • 01 Super White
  • 03 Dark Black
  • 05 Stone Grey
  • 07 Peace Blue
  • 09 Dark Brown
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To know before applying

  1. Pour water 330-340ml, then pour MU-408 (1kg)
  2. Mix well and wait 2 minutes
  3. Apply MU-408 mix
  4. Waiting period after mixing maximum of 60 minutes
  5. Clean the remnants of MU-408 attached

Features and benefits

  • Anti-fungus and other micro-organisms
  • Easy to clean
  • Resistant to acid floor cleaning fluid
  • Power is strong, not easy to crack
  • Color is not easy to play
  • Easy to apply
  • 1-4 mm wide grout

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