MU-408 PowerPool


Instant Mortar for Nat Filler (Tile Grout) specially designed for submerged Area such as Swimming Pool, Ground Water Tank, etc. Containing "SmartShield Plus" which strengthens the grout against water pressure and exposure to Chemical Agent, maintains longer color, makes the grout less susceptible to cracking and inhibits mold growth. Suitable for installation of Mosaics, Ceramics, Granite Tile and Natural Stones with 2-10 mm grout width.


Wall, Floor

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To know before applying

  1. Pour water 330-340ml, then pour MU-408 (1kg)
  2. Mix well and wait 2 minutes
  3. Apply MU-408 mix
  4. Maximum waiting period after mixing is 60 minutes
  5. Clean the remnants of MU-408 attached

Features and benefits

  • Easy to use and ready to use.
  • Contains special binder and silica so it is not easy to crack, water resistant and chemical agent commonly used in swimming pool like chlorine and other cleaning agents.
  • Contains biocide that serves to resist mold growth.
  • Resistant to UV so that the color is maintained longer.
  • It has strong adhesion and high friction / anti-abrasion resistance.
  • Easy to clean during application and maintenance time Nat.
  • Stirring does not dry quickly when applied.
  • Nat width is 2-10 mm, making it suitable for applications requiring wide Nat like application on natural stone.
  • Resistant to temperature -40 ̊C up to 100 ̊C, making it suitable for application in sauna area, steam room & spa.

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