MU-270 SkimBright

Product formerly named: White Skimcoat for Plaster & Concrete
MU270_Mortar Instan SkimBright

Instant Mortar for finish coat (white) work on the surface of plaster and concrete walls both interior and exterior.

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To know before applying

  1. Prepare the workplace & surface to be drawn.
  2. Clean the surface of the surface to be removed from the debris, dirt & oils that can reduce the mortarity of the mortar.
  3. Uneven surfaces, perforated or damaged should be repaired first with the appropriate Mortar Utama product prior to application of MU-270.
  4. If it is too dry, wet the base of the surface to be drawn with water.
  5. If a porous (workplace) substrate is found, then use Primer MU-L501 or MU-L500 before application.
  6. The porous substrate is marked when it is wetted 2-3 times still dry / dry quickly.

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Features and benefits

  • Applicable for interior or exterior of a building.
  • Applicable on concrete and plaster surface.
  • White, harder and smooth result.
  • High adhesive power and very plastic when applied.
  • Can be expose for internal area.
  • Prevent soft crack on walls due to shrinkage of the structure.
  • Not necessarily need spackle as painting base
  • Could be directly painted after 7 days.
  • Does not absorb paint thus use paint more efficiently.
  • The finishing is a lot neater and it could save a lot of building maintenance cost.
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