MU-290 Finish Plaster

plester dinding

Instant cement for thin plastering material (3-8mm) on light brick that will give smooth and paint-ready result surface. Its ingredients are cement, silica sand, filler and additive mixed homogenousl

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To know before applying

  1. Prepare the workplace & surface to be drawn.
  2. Clean the surface of the surface to be removed from the debris, dirt & oils that can reduce the mortarity of the mortar.
  3. Uneven surfaces, perforated or damaged should be repaired first with the appropriate Mortar Utama product prior to application of MU-270.
  4. If it is too dry, wet the base of the surface to be drawn with water.
  5. If a porous (workplace) substrate is found, then use Primer MU-L501 or MU-L500 before application.
  6. The porous substrate is marked when it is wetted 2-3 times still dry / dry quickly.

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Features and benefits

  • High adhesiveness and very plastic when applied.
  • Material efficient.
  • Quick finishing time thus cost effective.
  • Prevent soft crack on the wall due to shrinkage.
  • Stronger and smoother result
  • Smooth and paint-ready surface

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