MU-110 ColorFasade

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Kemasan MU-110 ColorFasade
Kemasan MU-110 ColorFasade
Tekstur MU-110 ColorFasade
Contoh Hasil Aplikasi MU-110

MU-110 ColorFasade is an instant mortar in the form of colored paste and has a texture for decorative wall work with a thickness of 2-3 mm on interior and exterior walls. Made from selected sand, acrylic binder, and color pigment mixed homogeneously.

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In order to purchase MU-110, Please contact the phone number below according to your project area: 

No  Distributor/SO Name Delivery Area Phone No/Fax
1 CV. Cipta Pratama South Jakarta  021-72787427
2 PT. Catur Sentosa Adiprana West Jakarta  0821-1234-4397 / 0895-0321-2991
3 Fortuna MultiTrada East Jakarta  081213841596
4 CV. Kurnia Jaya Bangunan Bekasi 021-89510086
5 Inti Kreasi Mandiri Bekasi  021-82437521 /
021- 82732944 /
081574183916 /
081574183813 /  O85697815185  
6 Semeru West Java 081223222581
7 Central Utama Indowarna Yogyakarta 08156502187 / 082224160298
8 Kawan Utama Prima Semarang 08122814570
9 Tunggal Indo Perkasa Surabaya 031-5046415 / 081234255508
10 Sinar Harapan Surabaya 031-3890423 / 087833998833
11 UD Norton Surabaya 031-5667888 / 081235712266
12 UD Nusantara Malang 0341-364221 / 081333123636



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    Documentation and brochures

    To know before applying


    The condition of the substrate must be sturdy, flat, dry, free from cracks and dust, and no peeling parts. The acian mortar substrate must be at least 14 days old, have a uniform absorption and the same texture on all surfaces.

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    Features and benefits

    • Products in the form of pasta that are ready to use
    • Has high flexibility
    • Weather resistant
    • It has high water repellent properties so it is easy to clean
    • Textured and has a variety of color choices
    • High product durability

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