MU-110 ColorFasade New Product

Kemasan MU-110 ColorFasade
Kemasan MU-110 ColorFasade
Tekstur MU-110 ColorFasade
Contoh Hasil Aplikasi MU-110

In order to purchase MU-110, Please contact the phone number below according to your project area: 


Distributor name Coverage area Telephone 
1 Fortuna Multi Trada Jakarta Timur 081213841596
2 Renotop (Metroten) Jakarta Barat 021-58907754
3 Pratama Mandiri Cikarang 021-8934974
4 Semeru Bandung 081223222581
5 Surya Sakti Bandung 022-6014444 / 0811246195


    MU-110 ColorFasade is an instant mortar in the form of colored paste and has a texture for decorative wall work with a thickness of 2-3 mm on interior and exterior walls. Made from selected sand, acrylic binder, and color pigment mixed homogeneously.

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