MU-800 FixGrout


Instant cement for material with high strength and resistant to shrinkage, for the filler of machine or pre-cast foundation. Its ingredients are cement, silica sand, and additive mixed homogenously.


Wall, Floor

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To know before applying

  1. All surfaces to be applied should be clean of dust, oil oil or other loose dirt flakes to ensure excellent adhesion.
  2. If the surface of the concrete is dry, it should first be wetted or moistened with water evenly.
  3. If necessary provide an air outlet so that at the time MU-800 poured the remnants of trapped air can come out.

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Features and benefits

  • Since it is liquid, it will ease the hardening process especially for th application in a narrow space
  • Not shrinking due to additive expansion in the mixture
  • Does not contain corrosive material and environmental friendly
  • Used to thicken column by mixing it with split.

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