MU-840 SkimRep


Special instant cement for restoring finishing product such as curved grouting result, or hair crack and other cosmetic job. Its ingredients are cement, filler and additive mixed homogenously to improve adhesiveness and scrub resistance



Documentation and brochures

To know before applying

  1. The surface to be repaired should be clean of dust, oil, oil, paint residue or other dirt that can reduce the adhesion of the MU-840 layer.
  2. If the crack condition is too small it can be helped by widening the crack form so as to facilitate the penetration of MU-840
  3. Uneven surfaces, perforated or damaged should be repaired first with suitable mortar products prior to application of MU-840.
  4. If MU-840 is used to repair wall thickening should be done with a thickness of not more than 2 mm

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Features and benefits

  • Applicable on interior or exterior walls.
  • High adhesiveness on concrete or plastered walls.
  • Able to fill in narrow space (cosmetic purpose) up to at least 0,5 mm – 3,0mm
  • Has good scrub resistant (could be scrubbed to get smoother surface)

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