MU-600 DryShield

MU-600 DryShield

MU-600 DryShield, a two-component submersible coating material with base material from cement, filler and additive, is especially designed using Crackbridge Technology that contains active polymer emulsion of Acrylic Co-Polymer with the ability to increase resistance of waterproofing flexibility against the process of the expanding and shrinking of the underneath substrate cracking


Wall, Floor

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To know before applying

  1. The surface to be coated with waterproof should be clean and free of dust, oil, oil or other impurities that can reduce the adhesion of the product.
  2. Flawed or defective surfaces, such as potholes or peeling should be repaired first with the appropriate product before application

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Features and benefits

  • Rich of liquid, easy to mixed and used
  • Containing Acrylic Copolymer, high flexibility performance.
  • the results are more integrated  to provide more complete protection and durable.
  • Non-toxic and non corrosive material

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